Gas Boiling Rice Pan - Round

  •   Capacity 20-30-40 Kg Rice ( Iranian Sort Rice )
  •  Constructed from forged Stainless Steel AISI 304 – 2 mm thickness
  •  Inner walls insulation with 10 Cm Rock-Wool in order to prevent heat loss & heat exchange with outside
  •  Direct heat with low pressure High-efficiency Spray Burner made of Stainless Steel


High pressure vapor

  • Contructes from stainless Steel AISI 304 with capacity for 250 person.
  • Shelved and provided with 10 forged container 1/1 and 15 cm deep
  • Eqipped with termostat for inner temporature control
  • in two types 182 doors
  • dimentions as stated 90X70X160 cm


Gas Boiling Stew Pan - Cubic

  • Capacity 300-500-700 portion
  • 35 Liter Oil Tank
  • Two Safety values fitted on covering lid & Oil tank
  • Requires less fuel consumption and less work-labour
  • Fittable with Electronic or Electric Measuring Instruments


carpira Kondori

  • Industrial kitchen equipment manufacturer
  • More than twenty years of experience in the field of complete industrial kitchen
  • The use of high quality materials
  • From the tech world

Industrial Group Carpira Kondori

This collection of the year 1364 industrial activity in the field of design, production and industrial kitchen and equipped according to the importance of the baking process and problems in its traditional methods learned to share in the improvement and promotion of baking have to achieve this, the principles of its policy principles, such as putting the quality of the ingredients plus the experts, high accuracy and thus product quality, continuous improvement of production, knowledge of In this industry, the perfect after sale service, which ultimately will lead to customer satisfaction


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